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Peak Yam Pounder Standard Home Size is a yam pounding machine specially designed to pound for 2 to 5 persons at a time. It is durable, affordable and very easy to use. It pounds in just less than 2 minutes. You can also use Peak Standard Home size to pound plantain and sweet potatoes. It ensure you enjoy quality pounded yam at its peak.This paper explicitly gives the details of the design of an integrated process plant for poundo yam production. The paper covers the deign analysis of each machine involved in the production process of the process plant. Viz a viz peeling and slicing machine; parboiling machine; conveyor; sieving machine; drying machine and grinding machine. It explained the …

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Where to Buy Yam Pounders Online. Discover different varieties of yam pounders on Jumia, Nigeria. The electronic yam pounding machine pounds yam smoothly in a very short time. For this home appliance, all you need to do is boil your yam, plug the machine and voila in just one minute, you would have a really smooth pounded yam to complete your meal.The pounded yam machine is a combine technology of metal fabrication and aluminium which come in two specification per capacity of quantity of yam. The first can successfully pound yam for 15 and 20 people in 120 seconds and the second specification have a bigger mortal and can successfully pound yam for 30 and 40 in 120 seconds.

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Rinse and place the yams in a pot and add enough water to the level of the Yam. Cover and cook the yams for about 30 minutes, checking every 10 minutes or thereabout until the yams are fork tender. Put the boiled yams inside the food processor and blend, until it becomes smooth with a dough-like consistency.The poundo yam flour processing plant lay-out is a static layout constituting the yam selection and weighing, washing, peeling and slicing, par-boiling, drying, sieving and packaging sections and having the capacity to process 50.25kg of yam tubers to 12.25 kg of poundo yam per throughput production (Ayodeji, Olabanji, & Adeyeri, 2012) and

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Pounded Yam. Pounded Yam is one of the Nigerian fufu recipes that is eaten with the various Nigerian soup recipes. The most popular combinations are Pounded Yam with Egusi Soup, Pounded Yam with Nsala or White Soup and many more. Pounded Yam is the most stretchy of all the Nigerian fufu recipes that is if it is well prepared.Poundo Yam . Poundo yam (pounded yam) is the most prominent among the traditional foods as its consumption cuts across the major tribes of Nigeria. It is also exclusively prepared during yam festival, to usher in the arrival of new yams. However, yam pounding is time and. 2021 Price

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Yam Mill Machine For Poundo Yam. Yam Mill Machine For Poundo Yam mayukhportfolioco Abstract Yam flour is usually required for the preparation of pounded yam which is a daily peeling of yam, slicing of yam with a slicing machine, parboiling of sliced yam with a dryer, milling of dried yam into yam flour with a,...The variety of yam used in pounded yam instant flour (poundo yam) production is a white yam. It has to be a white yam. Equipment used for pounded yam instant flour processing are: slicing Machine, per boilers, dryers (cabinet/flash), milling machine (hammer mill with cyclone), sifting machines, sealers, packaging machines, bowls, knives, scoops ...

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China Best Selling Poundo Yam Flour Production Machine in Nigeria, Find details about China Cassava Flour Milling Machine, Cassava Flour Processing Machine from Best Selling Poundo Yam Flour Production Machine in Nigeria - Zheng Zhou …In this research an easily operated and user friendly sieving machine was developed to sieve poundo yam flour in a process plant. The components parts of the machine was designed and a detailed material selection analysis was done. The cost of producing the machine was estimated to be $490 while the capacity of the machine was derived as 0.4kg/s.

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Deve lopment of a Yam Peeling an d Slicing Machine for a Ya m (Poundo Yam) Process Plant, B-Eng project report, The Fed eral U niversity of Techn ology, Aku re Ond o State, Nigeria. 2008.Peak Yam Pounder is a unique and special pounded yam machine that pounds yam in Just Less Than Two (2) Minutes. All you need to do is to boil your yam, pour the boiled yam into Peak Yam Pounding Machine, plug the poundo machine into the socket, and in less than 2 minutes, the quality pounded yam is ready for you.

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Contact Info. No.2728-A, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, Sungai Buloh, 47000 Selangor, Malaysia. Phone: 603-6156 0463/6140 1992. Fax: 603-6157 0341/6140 1989Description. Automatic Yam Flour Processing Machine Poundo Yam Flour Line Nigeria. Product introduction: In Nigeria, though yams can be consumed by boiling, roasting and processed to yield Amala (especially in the South western part of the country), it can also be processed into the production of instant yam flour.

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Name: YAM POUNDER Model: KA-6000 550W power, heating stirring 200W package weight: 8.9KG,net weight: 7.35K Product size: 350*210*320mm Capacity: capacity of 3.6L (high 17CM) the first "stereo steamed" food conduction heating, food is guaranteed authentic all soft and can be steamed food, can be operated commercial, home a good helper ...Yam Pounder Electric Stainless Machine- 3L. ₦ 10,000. 3 L Yam pounder, cocoyam pounder, plaintain pounder, minced meat grinder and Pepper and garlic etc- is design for pounding. It was design and produced for best output in pounding. Pounded Yam is one of the pure delicacies (devoid of any chemical/industrial processing) that every family ...